Management Philosophy

“Pursuit of Three Aspects of Wellbeing”

ARDEPRO’s officers and employees stay true to the management philosophy of “pursuit of three aspects of wellbeing.” Our priority is to ensure our management philosophy is attuned to the values and furthers the happiness of all our people, and to orient everyone at ARDEPRO in pursuit of common worthwhile goals.
Convinced that the management philosophy strikes a powerful chord with our shareholders and other stakeholders, we invite them to share our vision.

Economic wellbeing
Pursue higher ordinary profit, rather than higher net sales.
Physical wellbeing
Appreciate physical wellbeing and cultivate it as a source of psychological acuity.
Spiritual wellbeing
Cultivate spiritual wellbeing through a modest, considerate demeanor and by striking a healthy balance between economic and physical wellbeing.

ORIGINOrigin of the Company Name

“Ardent” has overwhelmingly positive connotations through its association with such words as enthusiastic, passionate, zealous, eager, dedicated, and shining.

Aspiring to be an ardent team of professionals that always shines, we named our company “ARDEPRO.”


PURSUITPursuit of philosophy and profit

Pursue philosophy and profit to maximize shareholder value

Pursuit of philosophy

Basic philosophyMaximize corporate value by fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Establish a system that benefits long-term shareholders by enhancing corporate governance functions.
  • Strive to inculcate and put into practice the spirit of ensuring compliance.
  • Emphasize management based on the management philosophy to ensure ARDENT flourishes far into the future.

Pursuit of profit

Business conceptEmphasize profit rather than sales

  • Purchase informationObtain information earlier than competitors to swiftly acquire excellent properties.
  • Inventory turnover ratioAim at an inventory turnover ratio of at least 2.
  • ProfitAchieve one of the highest ratios of ordinary income to net sales in the industry through meticulous cost awareness and project-based finance control.
    Emphasize profit rather than sales.