Message from the President

代表取締役社長 椎塚裕一

Founded in 1988 as a provider of interior design and production services, ARDEPRO Co., Ltd. launched its building management business in 1991 and its full-scale business of revitalizing previously owned condominiums in 2001. In those days, our business model was based on a process of purchasing an entire previously owned condominium building, carrying out interior work, and selling individual condominium units. We subsequently expanded our business scope to include purchasing entire office buildings and condominium buildings and then selling them with added value, including refurbishment of various facilities and seeking and securing tenants.

More recently, on the theme of real-estate revitalization, the Company has begun to apply this experience and expertise to develop operations focused on property-rights adjustment, a business other real-estate companies find difficult to handle. Today the Company is Japan’s only listed company specializing in the property-rights adjustment business. As the property-rights adjustment business generally involves relations among individuals and their rights, it can become complicated and tangled. Prodigious effort is required from initial purchase to final commercialization; this often vexatious and time-consuming work constitutes a formidable barrier to entry.

By developing its property-rights adjustment business, supported by a wealth of accumulated expertise, the Company discovers the value hidden in real estate, raising its value to the level it deserves. At the same time, we advance the rebuilding of deteriorated old earthquake-resistance standard buildings, driving urban redevelopment and renewal. We take pride in knowing that our operations contribute to the formation of a safe and secure society, including elimination of risks to human life and limb.

The Company continues to contribute to Japanese society by revitalizing the nation’s buildings, creating land and spaces that are useful and valuable. In so doing we drive growth and enhance stability while boosting our corporate value over the medium-to-long term. In these efforts we will do our utmost to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. I ask for your continuing support and encouragement in this endeavor.

November 2023
Yuichi Shiitsuka
Representative Director and President